announcement Ji Xiang Confectionery @ Everton Park.....aka Ji Xiang Everton...... We specialize in handmade traditional Ang Ku Kueh..... Every piece of our kueh is freshly made daily, without preservatives.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are your Ang Ku Kuehs Halal?

We are not Halal certified. However, our kuehs can also be consumed by vegetarians as we only use vegetable oil and do not contain honey, eggs and butter.

Do note that we add fried shallots (onions) in our salted bean variety.


2. Why are some assorted fillings Ang Ku Kueh (eg Salted Bean) always sold out when walk-in to buy across the counter?

Assorted filling Ang Ku Kuehs are freshly made daily with limited production. After allocating to all the pre-orders, the balance quantity is then available for walk-in sales across the counter until sold out.

To avoid disappointment, you can either buy them across the counter earlier in the morning from 10.30am onwards, or pre-order them in advance and collect at your convenience Monday to Friday 1pm - 5pm.


3. What is the minimum pre-ordering size for self-collection and delivery?

Minimum pre-ordering of kueh for self collection is10pcs, and 50pcs for delivery services (delivery fees range from $10 to $20, depends on delivery desination). Free delivery (one location) if purchase 150 to 300 pieces, depending on your location.  

Kindly note if delivery to CBD area, the delivery only to ground floor security area, additional charge apply $20 if the deliver is to spcific office unit concern.


4. When can I have my kuehs upon pre-ordering?

All our kuehs are freshly prepare and handmade every morning.

Your order can be ready in 2 to 5 days from the day you place the order, depending on the type of kueh you have selected.


5. Where to collect my pre-order?

You can collect your pre-order at our shop Everton Park, Block 1 #01-33, Singapore 081001.

If you come by MRT (NE3/EW16), get-off at Outram Park Station exit Gate G heading towards Police Cantonment Complex. If by Bus (61,166,167,196,197) alight at Everton Park Blk 3.


6. What is your time window for collection and delivery?

Typical timing for collection at our shop is from 10am to 4pm, and for delivery is from 2pm to 5pm. Kindly note our last collection cut off at 4.30pm.


7. Do I need to queue to collect my pre-order?

You don't need to queue to collect your pre-order. Kindly approach our counter staff with your order number or your mobile number. All pre-orders are already pre-packed to be collected at the time of your choosing. 


8. How to differentiate Peanut from Sweet Bean Ang Ku Kueh since both are red in colour?

Look at the banana leaves.

Peanut Ang Ku Kueh has a rectangle banana leaves, and Sweet Bean Ang Ku Kueh has its banana leaves cut at the four corners.


9. Do I need to put Ang Ku Kuehs in the refrigerator when I get home?

Our Ang Ku Kuehs are freshly made on the day of your purchase.
If you intend to eat them on the very next morning, you can leave them out in room temperature.
Otherwise, we do recommend you to put them in the refrigerator as our Kuehs do not contain any preservatives.


10. How do I heat up the Ang Ku Kuehs?

Please do not put the lovely Ang Ku Kuehs into the microwave.
To heat up, steam them for 2-3 mins.
Alternatively, some may like them pan-fried with a little bit of cooking oil to give a crispy outer texture.


11. Who is the owner of Ji Xiang?

Mr.Toh Poh Seek and Mrs.Toh Bong Yeo, founder and owner of Ji Xiang Confectionery at Everton Park since 1988.


12. Where are the outlets of Ji Xiang Confectionery? 

Ji Xiang Confectionery at Everton Park (aka Ji Xiang Everton) established since 1988 which is the only shop in Singapore, no other outlets.

Nevertheless there are vendors taking kueh from Ji Xiang Everton and selling them at various malls from time to time.


13. How to differentiate the kueh of Ji Xiang Everton from others?

Check the business address is at Everton Park, or check the trade mark logo on the packaging box itself.

Ji Xiang Everton trade mark logo is a “Turtle pushcart” (consists of the word “Ji Xiang Everton”).


14. Is Ji Xiang Confectionery at Everton Park related to other businesses of Ji Xiang who also selling Ang Ku Kueh?

Ji Xiang Confectionery at Everton Park (aka Ji Xiang Everton) and Ji Xiang Bugis (started by Kelvin Toh in Feb2021) are two separated entities. The wo company is not business associated and is not business related in anyway except both use of the same trade name "Ji Xiang".  


15. Why "Ji Xiang" is used by both Everton and Bugis?

"Ji Xiang" is a trade name (registered with IPOS) and "Ji Xiang Confectionery" is a company name (registered with ACRA), both own by Ji Xiang Confectionery at Everton Park (aka Ji Xiang Everton).

Ji Xiang Everton is the original shop founded by Mr.Toh Poh Seek and Mrs.Toh Bong Yeo since 1988, and still the owner today.

Jack Toh is their eldest son main person behind supporting his parents to run/manage the business at Everton Park since young.

Kelvin Toh is their 2nd son who partership with his friend started thier own Ang Ku Kueh business in Feb2021, of which his parents has no owership/share in his new company.

Kelvin Toh is also their son, the parents extended the support to Kelvin by allow him use of the trade name "Ji Xiang" for his business since Kelvin decided to run his own ang ku kueh business.    

In additional, the parents also extended the support to Kelvin by allowing him use of existing Ji Xiang Confectionery Online and existing Ji Xiang Confectionery Facebook to help ensure his business startup goes well, of which confused some customer.      


16. Have further enquiries?

Kindly WhatsApp 9270 0510 or call us at 6223 1631 or email us at orders@jixiangeverton.com.sg Monday to Saturday between 8am to 5pm.